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Community Outreach

Giant believes that touching our community and using our available resources to help fund and support important programs in the area are vital to our brand, but are also fulfilling. Most of our staff believe that our legacy to a better future can be accomplished through supporting and empowering our children.

Every year over 13,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. As a result of staggering statistics like this, Giant Oil, Inc. has been a proud sponsor in Fueling the Fight against children’s cancer. Over the past four years we have partnered with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation who is dedicated to funding research to eliminate this disease. Each year through our retail convenience store, customers were asked to make a donation by purchasing a Sunshine, which in turn would be displayed at the location. Giant’s fundraising efforts have been rewarded by the tremendous support we have received in the community from our customers, as well as our vendors, our employees, and our families. Giant is proud to have raised over $250,000 to fight the cause and will continue to support this foundation and others like this in the future.

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For information on how you can partner with Giant in its Community Outreach, please contact our office at 813-740-0422.

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