The Building Excellence Foundation is an educational nonprofit providing schools and students the opportunity to excel in STEAM subjects and extracurriculars. Starting as a company outreach program in 2021, Fueling Education for Future Generations, Giant Oil’s founder saw the change we made and the greater impact we can achieve by being an official 501(c)3, leading our small project into a long-lasting and fulfilling mission covering the U.S.

Join us in providing opportunities to local schools in need.

Our Vision

The Building Excellence Foundation believes every person no matter their walk of life should not only have access to quality education but have the resources they need to succeed. We fundraise so that students will have every single item on their back-to-school list. We fundraise so teachers can afford to provide their students with the educational tools they need to learn. We fundraise for underserved schools that may not have enough funding in order to provide their students with a safe and stable environment to grow and dream in. We invest in our local schools because the families within our communities deserve an opportunity to meet their fullest potential.


Join us in helping our local schools, students, and communities surrounding our various site locations across Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with the resources they need to better our society in the future.

Our Past Work

The Groundwork of Our Vision

In the later months of 2021, with the help of our partners, employees, and customers in our convenience stores, Giant raised over $28,000 in just a few months. We are constantly challenging ourselves to extend our reach to our local communities, which should have the chance to take advantage of opportunities that would not be available to them typically.  

With the conclusion of 2021’s initiative to fuel educators and students with the resources they need to succeed, Giant has already taken significant steps to extend our community reach by tackling more causes that are neglected and negatively affecting communities.

We are incredibly excited for what will come in the upcoming year and hope you join us on our mission.

Our Supporters