chuckles convenience stores & gas stations

A Community Favorite

In 2021, the Giant family grew by acquiring Chuckles Convenience Stores & Gas Stations and expanded efforts with more stores and food chains added to Giant’s portfolio for our diverse customer base.

Chuckles is a convenience store brand that began in 1967. Since then, the brand has expanded into 29 locations in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. We take pride in the quality of service we offer our customers and are always looking to expand our variety of choices.

Chuckles serves the community with our own branded gasoline and a fuel rewards program to offer our customers the best deals. The future of Chuckles is promising, and we strive every day to provide only the best to the customers who support our success.

As the number of stores grew, the company began to brand itself and add branded food chains to keep with demand, such as Subway and Noble Romans.

Chuckles rewards

You can now link your checking account and your selected PIN with your Chuckles Rewards Card, so you can pay for gas and merchandise at any location. It’s safer and more secure than a credit card and works like your bank debit card. It’s the convenient way to pay and instantly SAVE on all your fuel purchases.

What our Customers Say

The Rewards Card sounds like a great program, and it is as good as it sounds!
Thomas & Linda Sargent
Chuckles Gas is personally my favorite because it gives me the best gas mileage as opposed to the other brands around town.
Myra Bauer
Washington, Indiana
I love Chuckles Gourmet Coffee! It's my first stop each morning on my way to the jobsite.
Michael M.
Mt. Vernon, Indiana