Giant is extremely proud of the ties we have with BP. Our relationship with BP is definitely one to reckon with. We have been one of the largest jobbers for BP for several years now and continue to maintain an industry standard for our sites, ranking amongst the top of their jobbers with their Helios 100 Program. They have undoubtedly been a major contribution to our success by believing in our capabilities to maintain the standards of their brand. This was originally displayed through the award of several stations throughout the Florida market and again with the award of several markets in Ohio.

Here at Giant we firmly believe in great connections with great companies and BP is a true representation of this conviction.


Chevron is composed of a conglomerate of companies that caters to the advancement of the petroleum industry. They are the second largest oil company in the U.S. and among the top five oil companies world-wide. Through their mission, The Chevron Way, they are able to distinguish themselves through delivering industry-leading results while sticking with their strict values to conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This is especially evident in their Techron brand gasoline and diesel fuel. At Giant, one of our core values is integrity and being transparent to our customers and partners. Knowing Chevron possesses the same core values makes us proud of our partnership together.

Marathon Station Marathon® and Giant have many core values that we share, which is why they are a partner with Giant Oil. Marathons believes firmly in the integrity of their company, honesty of their representatives and employees, and outstanding performance on any task that they participate in. At Giant, we believe that these standards of operation and the image that Marathon® exudes compliment that which we have to offer. We are a proud partner of Marathon Oil.

As of 2014, ExxonMobil is the "largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the world". They have put great effort and energy not only into their product but into their company, their staff and their customers. They believe that their continued success is centered around teamwork and their enthusiasm is exhibited in every facet of their business.

We are proud to announce our partnership with ExxonMobil. This brand offers great convenience and loyalty programs that are the perfect fit for some of our customers. We continue to look for opportunities to grow our relationship with this brand and we believe that our commitment to ExxonMobil will prove the test of time.


Since the inception of their first restaurant in 1960, Hardee’s has grown into an innovator of the premier burger industry in the United States. Hardee’s competitive Angus beef menu-items and their hand-made sides deliver a top-quality down home feeling for their patrons across the nation. Their dedication to developing a strong public perception backed by high quality resources sets them as the leader in premium Quick Service Restaurants industry. With over 1,900 franchises across 30 states, Giant is delighted to be included in their wide reach and offer our customers exclusive opportunities to transform their sites.


Subway has been in operation since 1965 and is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. They are the largest submarine sandwich franchise with over 41,000 locations in more than 100 countries. Subway’s decades in the industry allows them to promote well-being, preservation of our planet, and support for communities around the globe making them a reputable brand to partner with.

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